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DataSharks Data Converter

Program Summary:

DataSharks Data Converter is for all traders who need to convert pricing data from one format into another format. There are many traders who use multiple charting applications all of which work best using the "in-house" data format. DataSharks Data Converter will easily convert data from, and into different formats. No longer are traders "locked" into one charting application!

Equis International, MetaStock Charts works best with (naturally enough) the MetaStock data format. CompuTrac Charts, and Stratagem SMARTrader Charting applications will work well with ASCII (csv, txt, dly, prn, etc) data however it prefers the CompuTrac format. 

The problem is:  by using the charting application of one software company you are "locking yourself into" the data format that the charting application works best with. Consequently, the data that you paid to collect has actually become worthless to any other charting or trading related programs. You can not import it into Microsoft's Excel for detailed data analysis!

We will continue to add more formats that DataSharks Data Converter works with as fast as we are able to write the code. Please help us by submitting any examples that you would like us to convert. 

At this time we do not convert data into or out of Trade Station Formats (xpo. omz), or AIQ format. Omega Research Trade Station Charts will import data from a wide variety of different formats, however it will only export the data as *.xpo format. DataSharks Data Converter will export the data in ascii, or other supported formats. At the time that the Data Converter can work with Trade Station data the price will increase from $29.95 to $49.95 - however for all existing customers this will be a free upgrade.

At this time this program only converts end of day (EOD) data, shortly we will be able to convert intra-day data. This new release will be free to all customers.



Convert From: Into    
no AIQ Format no AIQ Format
YES ASCII (csv, txt, dly, prn) YES ASCII (csv, txt, dly, prn)
YES CompuTrac Format YES CompuTrac Format
no CSI Format no CSI Format
YES MetaStock Format YES MetaStock Format
no TeleChart 2000 format no TeleChart 2000 format
no TickData format no TickData format
no TradeStation (xpo) Format no TradeStation (xpo) Format
no Omega Research GlobalServer no Omega Research GlobalServer
no Omega Research Server 4.0 (omz) YES Omega Research Server 4.0 (omz)


Key Benfits:

  • ASCII format is user defined. User can set the column sequence for Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, and Open Interest. Additionally user can set the date/time fields.
  • Will convert from, and into MetaStock formats 6 & 7.
  • Will display a report of any errors encountered.
  • Pending: Will examine the data looking for bad "ticks" or data. This could be abnormal range of H & L (user defined %), abnormal gap from previous close, and current open (user defined %), and H & L out of sequence (low is indicated at 100, and high is 90).
  • Easily translate data formats.
  • Define source and destination directories.
  • Convert one, or multiple symbols at once.


Description Version Price    
DataSharks Converter v. 2.1 US $29.95 Download Now! Buy Now!
  • Demo Version can convert only up to 50 records. There is no limit on the number of symbols converted.
  • Free updates for life!
  • Upon receiving payment we will instantly send you via e-Mail your serial number unlocking the program. 

Our software is sold as "try-before-you-buy"; this means that the downloaded program is a fully functioning version, which stops functioning after "n" days (typically 2 weeks) have elapsed after installation. DataSharks is confidant that our prospective clients will be pleased with the performance of our programs and that two weeks is enough time to "test drive" our software. The only limitation that DataSharks places on the "demo" versions of our software is the number of symbols the program will download or convert. Upon payment we will immediately send you your own unique password/serial number, thereby unlocking the program. It is our goal to exceed all of your expectations! Should you wish to test the program for more than 2 weeks please contact us and we will be happy to extend the trial period.


If you have comments, suggestions, or need help, contact public_support at

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